25 DIY Dollar Tree Crafts (That will totally fulfill your farmhouse decor dreams)

We all love having beautiful homes, but sometimes it’s just not in the budget. That is where some good DIY Dollar Tree crafts come into play.

Let’s have some real talk time. I used to look at Instagram and think, my house is never going to look like that. Why should I even try?

I was frustrated that everything cost so much money, and when you are on a budget that extra $30 for that cute sign at Hobby Lobby is not going to happen.

So naturally I went to DIY as the next best option. But guess what? When I bought all the crap from Hobby Lobby that I needed to make the dang thing myself it cost MORE.


I’m sure you all have been here too. At that point I was about to just throw in the towel, until I stumbled on the WONDERFUL world of Dollar Tree crafts

Below are my favorite DIY’s that will make your home look like that dreamy industrial farmhouse paradise.

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Save it for later!

25 DIY Dollar Tree crafts that will make your decor look incredible! Find the best DIY Dollar Tree project for you, and they are SO easy!

DIY Dollar Tree Crafts


Photo Credit: www.heytonya.com

I love how beautiful this turned out! EVERYTHING in this DIY is from the Dollar Tree. Succulents and all!


Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Enamel Tub Planter

Photo Credit: www.youtube.com

You’re going to see this tub a lot in this round up but there have been so many good DIY crafts to come out of this Dollar Tree product I feel like you just have to include them. This one is stellar!


DIY Dollar Tree Basket

Photo Credit: www.glitteronadime.com

This one may take some patience but in the end you have a cute basket that would easily cost you over $20 (probably way more) elsewhere. Use it to store things or just to have something slightly cuter to take laundry back and forth with .

DIY Dollar Tree Picture Frame Lanterns

Photo Credit: hip2save.com

I feel like this DIY has been everywhere but it is well deserved. It probably costs around $5 and looks just like some cute Fixer Upper farmhouse decor.


DOLLAR TREE DIY *WOWS* | Wrought Iron Decor & More!

Photo Credit: www.doitonadimeblog.com

This awesome lady does several different Dollar Tree decor DIY’s in this video and they are all SO cute. I’m saving these for later.


Dollar Tree DIY Vase

Photo Credit: passionatepennypincher.com

This DIY vase from Dollar Tree is really easy and looks like a million bucks.

Dollar Store Spring Decor: How To Make Spring Flower Arrangement

Photo Credit: kimspireddiy.com

This is another spin on the same project, but I thought it was good to include because it shows how versatile the same mediums are!


DIY Rae Dunn Inspired Dollar Tree Hacks For Under $10.00!

Photo Credit: followtheyellowbrickhome.com

This Dollar Tree home decor craft floored me. It looks JUST like Rae Dunn! Plus you literally get everything from the Dollar Tree. Not just bits and pieces.


Dollar Tree DIY Faux Metal Flowers | Wall Decor

Photo Credit: www.youtube.com

This knock off DIY will save you a ton of money on metal flowers! Plus they look fantastic.

DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse & Vintage Hand-Stamped Books

Photo Credit: www.youtube.com

I love how this home decor DIY turned out! It’s amazing what a little paint and some twin can do, and in so little time.


DIY Vintage Signs Made From Foam Board

Photo Credit: www.littlehouseoffour.com

I honestly did not believe that this sign could just be cardboard and paper until I looked through the post and saw her do it step by step. This amazing DIY will save you SO much money on any sign you want in your home.


DIY Farmhouse Window Décor on a Budget

Photo Credit: blog.dollartree.com

This DIY is from the Dollar Tree blog itself! What a great way to make a full wall home decor piece with all Dollar store products.

Dollar Tree Buffalo Check Tray

Photo Credit: www.thelatinanextdoor.com

This DIY tray looks great for fall or any time of year if you change out the pattern and decor. Super easy cheap Dollar Tree crafts for the win!


Easy Wall Mounted Fruit Basket Display DIY (for just $5!)

Photo Credit: joyfullytreasured.com

So this one may fall under Dollar Tree organization more than decor BUT I can’t not include it because it looks perfect! Who doesn’t want farmhouse beauty like this in their pantry?


Dollar Store Decor Popsicle Love Sign

Photo Credit: kimspireddiy.com

This craft uses several different Dollar Tree products to create an adorable little love sign. You can totally make this your own and have it say anything you want too!

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